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    SDIoT is the most exclusive, invitation-only, network of high-caliber Students who want to make the mark
    in the field of Smart Devices and Internet of Things. We leads our Students on their technological
    transformation, providing innovative nextgeneration technology solutions and services that leverage deep
    industry expertise and an extensive partner community.

TBT (The Brain Team):

Dr. Rajdeep Deb

Dr. Rajdeep has a varied background, from smart devices to GUI prototype design. Recently, Dr. Deb has developed a considerable expertise in SQL Server, including the setup of database replication. He is very interested in software engineering best-practice, and guide trainee. His big passion is photomicrography, producing many successful and well received images globally. [...]

Kanav Kumar

Kanav kumar our Electrineer an enthusiastic geek for automation using IoT using networking and its real time application with having lots of interest in building thing by DIY. His expertise nerve’s pull up the way of technology and engineering learning by application in automation, smart devices, smart healthcare system and FPVdrone flying.[...]

Ayan Pahwa

Ayan belongs to the first generation of Indian drone racing pilot, He is actively advocating and sharing experience on usage of drones and flying experience to individual, commercial industries, government agencies, and many more. His expertise include IoT, Embedded system, Linux, Cloud, Software development and maintenance. He looks after our all round technology division, propelled by Ayan’s overwhelming passion for new technology and innovation [...]

Anshul Katta

Anshul the tech guy leads the company’s Technology Innovation Group (TIG). In addition to overseeing our technology strategy, Mr. Katta has responsibility for driving innovation through R&D activities; maximizing value from the fast-changing and dynamic technology ecosystem; and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to our clients globally. [...]

Akshay Kumar

People find Akshay to be an upbeat, self-motivated and excellent team player with excellent communication skills. His experience includes developing end-to-end solutions for the Public Transportation sectors. Akshay is packed with technical skills of coding, Android Application Development, Game Development (VR/AR), UX-UI design and Digital Image Processing. Apart from this, he loves teaching. Whenever he is not working, you will find him in the football or gaming field. [...]

Abhishek Maurya

Mr. Abhishek is the go to man in SDIoT with expertise in Radio Control devices, Robotics, IoT, IoT Protocols with its application, Embedded system, GitHub, DIY Projects, Smart devices using IoT and what not. Apart from this, he loves mentoring budding makers. He always extends his support to enable them to raise their profile and share their passion for engineering. He learnt how to solder at the age of 11 and electronics has always been a passion for him. [...]

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Discover the world of mobile robots - how they move, how they interact with the world, and how to build them!

Program Drones and Robots

Learn to program drones and robots all wirelessly using a familiar interface.

Introduction to Internet of Things

Learn how IoT works, and how to create a successful product or company using it, with this course.

Smart IoT Devices

In this course you will learn how to architecting your own embedded device! You'll learn how to debug & finetune your device.

Smart Digital Instrumentation

In this course, you will learn the installation requirements of Smart field devices, including wiring, intrinsic safety, and networking.

The IoT Ecosystem

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Interfacing with the Arduino

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Aerial Drones

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Bluetooth Robotics

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Smart Lighting System

A one-day course teaching the skills to design and specify an intelligent lighting control system.

Home Automation Systems

Practical knowledge about earning online by referrals.

Smart Energy Systems

One of the key objectives of this course is to aid you in the design of 100% renewable energy systems.

Robot Operating System

In this course you will learn about cutting-edge world of Robot Operating System (ROS), an open source system for working with robots.

Future Robotics Applications

Know how robotics gain momentum in 21st century and become quite essential components in a number of applications.

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

Learn key concepts in nanoelectronics and relates them to the traditional view of electron flow in solids.

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